Product-Market Fit:

When sales generated through indirect ( word of mouth ) efforts exceed

the sales generated through direct effort ( sales team )

Let's get to the point!

TMARA can predict and prove a perfect product-market fit for start-up and corporate innovations.

And when the business model is aligned to this fit, we guarantee accelerated traction

TMARA can also...

Scientifically analyze a competitor's market offer to potentially beat them

Discover market limitations as a source of new innovation

Predict the future market adoption of new ventures

Transfer product-market fit mastery


From our clients

Carl Wocke

Founder and CEO,
Merlynn Technologies

"Through TMARA, we’ve opened markets and applications for our expert-decision-cloning AI technology, that has placed us at the epi-centre of the financial sector.

TMARA gave us the lift-off we were looking for."

Obby Morapeli


"Our Ericsson-funded start-up is in the market with multiple TMARA-crafted Value Guarantees That Count, and find that they just hit the sweet spot for each of the stakeholders in the market!.

We have subsequently brought TMARA on-board permanently, to oversee our continued market adoption success"
Justin Thomas

Head Innovation and Business Solutions
First National Bank

"TMARA has shifted our thinking about customer value propositions, and what we thought we knew about offering value.

Creating a new head space in how we target our market however, requires unlearning.

TMARA has successfully shifted our dominant logic."

Gerhard Prinsloo

Layby Cafe

"TMARA has positioned Layby Cafe as a market "must-have", for both our merchants and consumers.

Our TMARA Value Guarantees That Count, hit the market's sweet spot on the first attempt, and accelerated traction beyond expectation.


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