In association with Grant Fagan, our corporate offer includes:

Assess innovation pipelines for market MUST-HAVES

Using our proprietary MUST HAVE product evaluation process we are well positioned to either; - accept the innovation as a MUST HAVE , repackage the idea to achieve MUST HAVE status or dispense with the idea.

Further, our direct engagement with your company gives us the opportunity to attract new MUST-HAVE innovations into the business through our extensive networks which includes start-ups that are looking for an ideal corporate to partner with.

Deal making - corporate & structured finance, legal, tax and accounting

Once the MUST-HAVE innovation is qualified and quantified, then internal, external or combined investment will be attracted by TMARA Corporate into the innovation.

We coordinate and manage the financing and structure of the investment and execute against the financing requirement using our network of specialist; - financiers, advisors and consultants

Go / no-go decisions at speed

The MUST-HAVE innovation investment will be fast-tracked based on our assessment ability to quantify and qualify the investment as bankable or strategic.

Assess, implement, manage, institutionalize and exit

We manage the entire MUST-HAVE innovation investment process end to end, as described below