Product Market Fit is the foundation of innovation market success.

It is the catalyst for investment, traction and scaling

“Nothing else you do is going to matter if people don’t like your product.” Sam Altman

TMARA has developed a scientific method to ensure an innovation hits the market sweet spot consistently.

This is the crucial piece of innovation success.

“Getting product right means finding product market fit. It does not mean launching the product.

It means getting to the point where the market accepts your product and wants more of it.” Fred Wilson

If a product is a market must-have, the market will demand the product.

This is market pull and is the holy grail of innovation adoption.

“You know you have fit, if your product grows exponentially with almost no marketing.

That is only possible if you have huge word of mouth.

Word of mouth is only possible if you have delighted your customer
.”Andy Rachleff